Our Approach

“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.” (Quote M. Feldenkrais)

Learning as a therapeutic approach

Our objective is to support your child throughout its learning process on a motor and sensory level in order for it to better respond to developmental challenges. For this purpose, a sound understanding of early childhood development and another view of ways of learning are required. Our role as “teachers” is not only related to the imparting of knowledge in the classical sense. It is a lot more about laying the foundations for each child to harness its own intelligence of the nervous system to conduct changes and developments. In other words, we work out how your child’s brain learns as efficiently as possible.

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Small steps the key to success

The true meaning of the learning process is not equal to the achievement of a final goal. The fact that the child is presented to and offered new methods of learning ensures long-term improvements of its physical, mental and emotional development. The early childhood development is frequently considered and split in milestones; a target orientation which is likely to lead to frustration, fear and sorrow in the parents. Our perception is that “learning” is a basic need which helps your child to gain a higher quality of life.

Visualising the process of learning

Of particular importance for the learning process of your child is to make it visible for you as a parent. On the one hand, you will gain a better understanding of your child and on the other, the confidence in the potential of your child will grow. Together, we will seek possibilities how you can support the current development process of your child in-between the lessons.


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