How is the structure of a session?

A session takes about 50 minutes. One parent or reference person is present during the session and is mostly being active.

In case it is your child’s first visit, we will strongly focus on getting in contact with your child in the first session. We will find out which developmental steps have already taken place and which steps are close to a breakthrough.

If your child has already got experiences with JKA, we will start the individual session by revising if and how the offers of the last session have been internalised by your child. The rest of the session will then be based on the results.

Can our child, despite JKA, continue with its normal therapies?

We explicitly state that you child can continue with its normal therapies during JKA. Overlaps with other therapy forms are very seldom and only in exceptional cases unfavourable; you will be notified if necessary.

From what age onwards can my child start with JKA therapy?

Basically the following applies: the sooner the better. We usually work with children from the moment the developmental delay is discovered. That may, for example, even be as from the fifth week after the birth!

Until what age is JKA suitable?

In general, there is not age limit for this method.

How many sessions will my child need?

In principle, it is advisable to continue with the individual sessions as long as the child responds positively to the lessons and the learning process is directly visible. In the beginning, we often recommend to do 5 lessons over a short period of time. These 5 lessons mostly reveal how your child reacts to the individual sessions.

At what time interval will the sessions take place?

The time interval is individually dependent on the therapeutic needs of the child and temporal possibilities of the parents.

At our locations in Linz and Vienna, we offer intensive sessions of 5 days with longer breaks in between or sessions at regular intervals, for example, every week or two times a week over a longer period of time.

I do not live nearby Linz or Vienna. Can I still attend sessions with my child?

Yes, in this case we offer to block the sessions. A possibility would be to do blocks of 5 days each with one or in special cases even two sessions per day and with a longer break in between. We shall be delighted to help you organise a suitable accomodation near by.