Christoph Priesner

Christoph Priesner

Christoph Priesner is a certified JKA practitioner and workshop instructor and graduated as a Feldenkrais® practitioner in 2012 in Vienna. He has been teaching the Feldenkrais® Method ever since in different contexts, i.a. at the Anton Bruckner University for Music, Drama and Dance.

Together with his wife, he established a practise centre for awareness and movement called “Lebensraum”  in the heart of Linz, Upper Austria, in 2013. After completing his Jeremy Krauss Approach training, he has been directing particular interest toward early childhood development and the work with Special Needs Children. His ability to think well-structured and clearly, his empathy, spontaneity and playful approach to dealing with challenges are of great value in his work. Furthermore, he is intensively concerned with new ideas of learning and teaching and is glad to pass on his knowledge in his function as a JKA Workshop Instructor.

Christoph himself is a father of two children and lives with his family north of Linz in Upper Austria.

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Michael Priesner

Michael Priesner

Michael Priesner graduated as a Feldenkrais® Practitioner in 2004 from the course Feldenkrais® Training Vienna 2. He has been operating his own Feldenkrais® practise since 2005.

With a background as a qualified special education needs teacher and many years of cooperation with Jeremy Krauss, Michael’s interest in working with Special Needs Children was predestined. Being trained as a JKA practitioner by Jeremy Krauss has only intensified this interest. Moreover, Michael has been a JKA Workshop Instructor since 2016.

Michael is the founder of the training institute “Feldenkrais Training Vienna” offering international Feldenkrais® education and training in Vienna. In addition, Michael has been teaching as an Assistant Trainer in Feldenkrais® trainings since 2014.

Michael is a father of one son and lives in Vienna.

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